Inspiration from the Kennedy brothers for their civil rights and vision for America.  

30 X 40

Men of color

Personal Artistic Expressions


30 X 40

Circle of life

 The never-ending, ever  changing , challenging  circle of our existence


36 X 36


Inspirations of the caves of New Mexico


24 X 48

Fantasy swamp

Inspiration from the swamps of southern Florida, to preserve and learn from nature



24 X 36

The heat and gases and movement of fire


36 X 36

Hot desert

Inspiration from the sizzling deserts of Central Arizona


24 X 36


  This loneliness and solitude before the competitive event ...  

pondering and contemplating the performance moment 


24 X36

Depth walk

Wandering anxiously into the unknown


30 X 40


The sheer exuberance of celebration!   


18 X 24


Dancing rectangles


18 X 24


The texture shadow and curves of dried hollowed wood



24 X 30

Inspired by the boy in all of us participating in winter sports


48 X 60


The mystery and uniqueness of flames birth


About the artist

Showcased, awarded and celebrated in seven countries, his art has been inspired by worldwide travel as a professional athlete.  early in life. as An Olympian and author,  Gary Visconti has been honing his painting craft for over 40 years. He is based in Arizona and central Mexico

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